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Leonardo da Vinci was known for his brilliance in many different fields.  Like him in curiosity (not in brilliance), I have always been drawn to different fields of study spanning both arts and sciences. Out of a desire to create something beyond my daily job of solving technical problems and to explore other fields, the idea for Fresh Greenes was planted.  Fresh Greenes is a way of putting that work together in one place and to share it with others who may enjoy it. It’s a chance to create something different and collaborate with people on projects I wouldn’t have gotten to otherwise.

But what makes it healthy? The items produced here will be family friendly. If I can’t let my kids experience it, it won’t be on here. Also, there won’t be any algorithms to entice you to come back. If the product isn’t good enough to make you curious to follow, we won’t try to trick you into it. I hope this becomes a site you enjoy visiting.

Hopefully you’ll find something you like here, and if you do, please let me know!  If there is something you’d like to borrow or collaborate on, get in touch and we can work something out.


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