About Jason

Hi, I’m Jason and Fresh Greene’s is my website.  If you’ve read the about page, you already know what I’m trying to accomplish.  If you want to know more about me, here is a little bit more.

Long ago I had a Spanish teacher and I loved going to his class.  I’ve forgotten most of the Spanish, but he gave me other lessons I still remember.  An important one he taught was to prioritize your life. Decide what’s important to you and hold onto it.  If you get into a difficult position and need to make a decision, check if it violates your priorities. That being said, if you know my priorities, you know good amount about me.  Listed in order, my priorities are God (I’m Catholic), my children (I have 3), my wife (in a close third). Beyond that, as a professional I’m an electrical engineer and I love taking photographs.

Beyond founding Fresh Greenes, the photography section displays my work and I’m also half of the podcast Conversational Chaos.