On April 24, 2019 a protest was held at Sheridan Circle Park in Washington DC to bring attention to the Armenian Genocide of 1915. There was also a counter demonstration by Turkish supporters. This essay is photos from that event.

This protest was held at Sheridan Circle on Massachusetts Ave NW in Washington DC, which is 200 feet from the Armenian Embassy. The Turkish protests are at Sheridan Circle as well, but also utilize the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) for their demonstrations.

The demonstration is an annual event held in Washington DC as well as other cities including Los Angeles and New York City. The protests are heated but mostly peaceful. In Washington, there was a heavy police presence including officers on foot and horseback.

Walking towards the protest from the nearest metro stop, you could easily hear the noise well before reaching the circle. From young to the older, people of wide range of ages were present. Some were dressed casually and some in suits and varied ethnic heritage. It was clear this issue strikes more than one segment of the population.