Fresh Greene's Photography New Feature

I’m excited to share a change to Fresh Greene’s Photography and the offering of a new item, Photographic Essays. These essays will consist of a set of photographs covering a singular topic that will be released over the course of a month. Today, there are two photos posted from the Cherry Blossoms of Washington DC. One of these was good enough to join the existing gallery. Take a look and I hope you enjoy. And check back next week for additional photos.

Conversational Chaos has a new edition, #10!

Jason and the Rage Monster have published edition number 10, Windows on the Mill. This time with special guest, Beard the Renaissance Man. Listen in as the discuss why a man may join the Army, international travel, top ranked gaming and poker playing strategy. That plus another installment of fact checking and as always with these episodes, the special features 10 rapid questions and Rage reads Reddit. Enjoy!

Conversational Chaos Edition 10: Windows on the Mill