Edition 6: Pillows of Sunshine

Conversational Chaos...The Intelligent Ramblings between Jason and the Rage Monster.

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Edition 6: Pillows of Sunshine


+ Elyon vs Kraft Jet Puffed vs Dandie

+ Pillows of Sunshine vs Rocks vs Old Gym Socks

+ The Canadian is hired as intern

Chuck Norris Missing in Action and Silent Rage

Camp Fires; Paradise Fires

+ Emergency and Evacuation Plans involving bicycles

+ East Coast Tsunami

+ Canary Islands, Spain, Morocco

+ Cindercones

+ California forest underbrush

+ Emergency Water Source

+ Laufer Family Go Fund Me

Story Arc by Trevor Sutton

Pen Addict

How we're spreading the news about Conversational Chaos

Let us know if you are listening outside the US or west of the Mississippi

Top Five Cities of the World

What makes the Monster rage

+ Toe Shoes - Gloves for your feet

+ Flip Flops in the office

+ Cooking with feet and the podcast falls apart

+ Checking the bottom of shoes

+ Stepping on Nails

+ Gortex Mitten Shells