Edition 10: Windows on the Mill

Conversational Chaos...The Intelligent Ramblings between Jason and the Rage Monster.

Edition 010: Windows on the Mill with Beard the Renaissance Man

Jason and the Rage Monster go to a remote location, Windows on the Mill to speak with their Edition 10 special guest, Beard the Renaissance Man. Listen in to find out more about what makes him so very interesting.

+ 10 Rapid Questions

+ Army Time

+ Enterprise Rental Car

+ Parachuting

+ Special Forces - The Fast Movers

+ Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan

+ Power Gamer: The Division and PUBG

+ Poker Playing

+ the Chef and Italian red meat gravy - the sauce of deliciousness

+ The Word of the Day is Granola

+ Fact Checker

+ Rage Monster debates princesses

+ Bojangles Locations

+ Rage reads Reddit, Kevin by Noahthered

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